• Have you ever bought one reasonably priced item and then spent a fortune on the other pieces to wear with it?

• Have you ever had that -I haven't got a thing to wear moment when opening your closet door - although faced with a sea of clothing?

• Do you wear the same suit, shirt and tie combination all the time yet have other great clothes but are unsure how to make it all work?

If you answered -Yes to any of the above - you are not alone! Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time - it should be the other way around!

We start with a Wardrobe Audit. Don't worry, it doesn't mean ditching everything you already own! What it does mean is that we help you make clear, focused decisions about what to keep, what to discard and which pieces can be altered. We can even supply the seamstress and tailor!

After your wardrobe audit, we Shop Your Closet! By reviewing what remains, we show you how to create different outfits and looks with fewer pieces. We identify the items you need to -fill the gaps, or simply just to update your wardrobe with key seasonal pieces.

Our wardrobing strategies will:

Build a core collection of clothes and accessories that work for you and which you love!

• Enable you to put outfits together effortlessly in a few minutes every day.

• Reduce the total number of garments required but create many more different looks.

• Show you how to utilize existing pieces to best effect.

• Save you money! No more impulse buys on items you rarely wear or expensive mistakes.

• Save you time! By focusing on what you need, you'll make better purchasing decisions - eliminating the need to return things.

Did you know: you may be able to claim a tax write-off by making clothing donations to charity!

After the - missing pieces in your wardrobe have been identified, our Personal Shopping Services can be planned.