Personal Shopping

  • You may have a passion for fashion and enjoy exercising your shopping gene but Style Matters InternationalSM will help you to shop smarter and avoid expensive mistakes.

  • Is there an important social or professional occasion looming and you don't know where to start?

  • Are you just too busy with a hectic lifestyle to find the time to shop?

  • Perhaps you simply just dislike shopping altogether? (You are not alone - a lot of people don't like the process!)

  • Are you travelling and need something waiting for you at your destination?

Style Matters International has developed relationships with retailers, specialist outfitters, seamstresses and tailors, to provide its clients with an exemplary shopping experience. We can even find the perfect gift for your special someone. Just as with clothing, one size doesn't fill all! Our shopping services are no exception and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, which may include:


To maximize your time and money to the greatest effect, we visit in advance the stores, boutiques or salons that can provide the items or services required; based on the brief we have pre-agreed with you, we select various items which are then reserved for you. On the day of your shopping appointment, you arrive at the location where everything is ready and waiting for you to try on. Tailors and seamstresses can be made available for any alterations.


This is the service for you if you would rather focus your time on what you do best - letting us do the rest! In this premier service, we select the pieces for you, purchase them on your behalf and deliver them to you. You decide what to keep and we return the unwanted items. Tailors and seamstresses can be made available for any alterations.


Trips can also be organized - please contact us with your requirements.