Color Analysis

"Colors are forces, radiant energies that affect us positively or negatively, whether we are aware of it or not."

- Johannes Itten

  • Have you ever wondered why some colors look fabulous on you, making you feel refreshed and energized, yet others appear to drain you - both physically and mentally?

  • Do you sometimes feel that the colors that once looked great on you, now seem not to be working their magic?

  • Have you ever noticed that black isn't always slimming on everyone?

  • Ladies - ever noticed how certain shades of lipstick make your eyes look bigger and brighter?

  • Gentlemen - ever noticed how certain color ties make your skin look healthier and fresher?

Welcome to the wonderful, fascinating and powerful world of color!

The impact of color in our lives cannot be overstated. The color a person is wearing is one of the first things we notice. Colors -speak to us and send visual messages. Our correct personal colors can make us appear more slender, more youthful and more confident; conversely, the wrong ones can make us appear heavier, older, tired or just plain dull!

As color is such an important facet of our lives, Personal Color Analysis is a module that we recommend for all clients. Personal Color Analysis is a science based on facts. Understanding the tonal palette of colors that works for you will instill confidence in choosing clothing and save you time and money when shopping.

We offer three modules - Classic, Contemporary & Couture:

Classic Module:

  • An explanation of color analysis - the psychology and how and why it works.

  • 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis* to determine your palette of colors.

  • How to wear the colors in your existing wardrobe to best advantage.

  • Accessorizing with color.

  • Color palette sample booklet.

Contemporary Module:

Includes all the elements of the Classic Module plus:

  • Make-up application (using applicable cosmetics for your coloring).

Couture Module:

Includes all the elements of the Contemporary Module plus:

  • Make-up application (using applicable cosmetics for your personal coloring).

  • Individually selected fabric color swatches for your personal coloring and wardrobe.

All Color Analysis programs are presented by Cheryl Lampard, who is a member of an exclusive group of only 50 people worldwide to hold the Sci\Art Global certification in Personal Color Analysis that is recognized by the Munsell Institute - who set the world's standards in color communication.

*The 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis system is considered three times more accurate than other color analysis systems and is accredited by the Munsell Institute.