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Welcome to my page, which is dedicated to people who love knitting. Discover everything you need to know about knitting, yarn and associated products, and connect with other people who love the art.

This page was born out of the overwhelming response I've received from my original "Knitting Knowledge & Purls of Wisdom" Facebook posts, all of which started out as an announcement to my husband that I was thinking about doing a weekly FB Live to teach people how to knit during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the hope that others would find joy in the creativity of knitting. He just looked up, smiled and said, "You'd better get on and do it then!"

So, several episodes later, a full inbox of email and viewers around the globe, it's taken on a life of its own. Thank you so much for visiting this page. Please feel free to email me on anything to do with yarn, knitting and fiber arts, and don't forget to connect with us on our Knitter Matters social media pages by clicking the icons below.

I invite you to look, listen, learn, laugh, and share.

Carry on knitting.

S1 Ep 20 – Leoch Shrug

S1 Ep 19 – Entrelac Part 2

S1 Ep 18 – Entrelac & Exciting Announcement

S1 Ep 17 – Techniques: WPI’s & Short Rows

S1 Ep 16 – Knitting the Abbreviations

TEMA TALK: Knitter Matters with Cheryl Lampard

S1 Ep 15 – Knitting in the Round Part 2

S1 Ep 14 – Knitting in the Round

S1 Ep13 – Pattern Charts & Schematics

S1 Ep 12 – Sampler Afghan Part 3

S1 Ep 11 – Sampler Afghan Part 2

S1 Ep 10 – Sampler Afghan Part 1

Surprise Package from Mary Maxim

S1 Ep 9 – Blocking

Knitter Matters on FOX 4 Morning News

S1 Ep 8 – Introduction to Lace Knitting

S1 Ep 7 – Two-Stranded Knitting

S1 Ep 6 – Intarsia

S1 Ep 5 – Cables & Patterns

S1 Ep 4 – Neck Cowl

S1 Ep 3 – Basic Stitch Patters. Selvages. Increases & Decreases.

S1 Ep 2 – Color Changing & Ribbing.

S1 Ep 1 – Let’s Get Started

The "coming soon" announcement.



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