Small Biz Services

Small businesses create most of the nation's new jobs, employ approximately half the nation's private sector workforce and provide half the nation's non-farm, private real gross domestic product (GDP), as well as a significant share of innovations. As a business owner, you need every tool at your disposal to assist you in getting the edge over your competitors - the image and branding of your business are critical to its success.

  • If your business is a new venture, does its image align with its branding?

  • Does your existing business need a makeover - visual or otherwise?

  • Is your staff conveying the right visual image for your business?

  • Does your staff understand the powerful impact of first impressions?

  • Does your staff need a confidence boost to help them portray the right image?

Style Matters InternationalSM offers a range of programs designed specifically to assist the owners of small and medium sized businesses create, upgrade and elevate their business and branding. Just as with clothing, one size doesn't fit all! Therefore, all our services are tailored to fit each client's specific needs.

Workshops and Seminars (women's, men's or combined). Titles include:

  • The 30 Second Countdown

  • Get The Edge!

  • Dressing to Mean Business

  • Your Image is Your BrandSM

  • Fabric Facts

  • Make-up Artistry (women)

  • Make-up Artistry for the Media (men & women)

  • Presentation Skills

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Black Tie & Special Events

Business Protocol and Etiquette

Communication Skills (verbal, non-verbal and unified communications)

Presentation Skills

Business Identity and Branding

Marketing Your Business

Turning your -good little business into a great businessSM